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About UCG

UCG is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of a range of telecommunications design, cabling and construction services

Since 1990, UCG has provided innovative solutions to the telecommunications sector.

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Universal Communications Group (UCG) is a ‘customer focused organisation’ with a strong track record of collaborating with nbn to deliver new initiatives and technology trials.  UCG has the systems and processes in place to provide all the prerequisite reporting and field management, and more importantly, the cultural fit required to carry out services in end user premises.

UCG has provided innovative solutions to the telecommunications sector, connecting premises to our clients’ networks since 1990. Over the last 12 years, UCG has been providing in-home broadband connection services across a variety of technologies, including modem connection, testing and Wi-Fi setup across New Zealand. UCG offers end-user service provisioning services and activations for single and multi-dwelling premises, including homes, apartments, commercial and industrial premises. We are technology agnostic and well versed in all telecommunications service activities.

UCG is at the forefront of where the telecommunications industry is heading today.

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ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

With our experienced, focused and innovative team of people, along with industry-leading systems, UCG is at the forefront of where the telecommunications industry is heading today.

Our quality management system is independently certified by SAI Global to the standard ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, which ensures we have strategic business planning and key performance measures for all areas of the company.

We have experienced significant change throughout the company’s history and have adapted our capabilities to suit the needs of the industries we operate in. Our resilience and our willingness to adapt to unexpected and difficult conditions has enabled us to respond effectively and incorporate and apply learnings and efficiencies.

UCG has national coverage with metropolitan, regional and remote capability. Our advanced approach to workforce management allows UCG to rapidly scale to meet our clients’ needs. This unique ability to scale while providing in-house training programs enables UCG to quickly mobilise resources to meet program volume and geographic requirements.

UCG works closely with local resources and provides in-house training opportunities to share our knowledge and experience across various technologies.

UCG has established a reputation for performance, quality and reliability. We have the technical expertise and demonstrated capability to deliver large scale telecommunications projects.