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The benefits of using public transport have been enhanced by the recent rollout of a fibre connection project for Auckland Transport, managed and installed by telecommunications fibre services provider Universal Communications Group (UCG).

The installation of fibre connectivity at 123 public transport locations throughout Auckland has expanded bandwidth capabilities for commuters and enabled a pathway for improved internet services for commuters in the future. The successful conclusion of the project will deliver faster, more reliable and consistent connectivity.

It has also enhanced the city’s safety, augmenting the capability of the city’s 3000 CCTV cameras monitoring bus stops, train stations, ferry terminals, public transport interchanges and traffic movements on major roads.

The project involved Auckland Transport as the client, with Chorus contracting UCG to manage, design and deliver all of the fieldworks, including installation of the fibre. Local company Fusion Networks Ltd provided the network services. The video available here outlines how the project was delivered.

“Complex technology projects are challenging, especially when they involve multiple parties working together to bring their expertise to the right point at the right time,” said Roger Crellin, Executive General Manager of UCG in New Zealand.

“This project involved creating bespoke designs, with each location requiring its own design solution. Rolling out the delivery of so many fibre installations in public locations in a short time frame required significant up front planning. It was further complicated by the interrupation of Lockdown Level 3 and 4 as the installation was just getting under way,” Mr Crellin said.

“This is a great example of how different providers within the telecommunications sector can work together to deliver a highly complex design and installation project within a short time frame, under extremely trying conditions,” said Mr Crellin.

“I am very proud of the leadership shown by our UCG Design team, our Project Managers and our installation services to deliver this very important project to the people of Auckland,” he said.