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Project Details:

Project:NBN Co Network Deployment
Scope:Bespoke fibre design, construction. FTTC, FTTP, HFC activations.
Client:NBN Co
Duration:2013 -
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Since 2013, UCG has provided design, construction and installation services for over 20,000 brownfield MDUs, 1,600 greenfield MDUs and over 300,000 end user premises across Australia as part of the NBN network deployment. Among this, we have completed over 600 bespoke complex fibre design and construction projects – these have included ports, airports, correctional facilities, shopping centres, railway stations, tourist precincts, educational campuses, data centres and residential complexes.

NBN FTTP MDUs (Brownfields)

  • Design and construct
  • 14,017 MDU installations
  • 168,182 end users

Dalgety Square, Sydney NSW

The former Farmers and Graziers wool store, now known as Dalgety Square, is perhaps Ultimo’s most iconic heritage building. UCG managed the redesign and installation directly with the body corporate after previous designs were rejected. Minimising the impact to the heritage significance to the site was extremely difficult. UCG’s technicians managed to deploy fibre-to-the-premise to each of the 330 end users with no visible ducting or conduit and no significant impact to the building. The project was featured on the Australian broadband news platform “Whirlpool” and other online forums.

NBN FTTP New Developments (Greenfields)

  • Design and construct
  • 1,267 Greenfields complexes
  • 52,249 Greenfields end users

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village, Southport

The Athletes Village housed all participating athletes, officials and athletic trainers for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. UCG redesigned, built and connected 1,252 end-user premises including apartments, townhouses and commercial and retail centres. UCG delivered within the stringent deadlines, connecting all premises before the commencement of the Games.

Jewel Residences, Surfers Paradise

The Jewel on the Gold Coast is a three-tower high rise development on the beachfront of Surfers Paradise. UCG designed, constructed and connected the development’s 513 apartments and the 169-room luxury hotel. A 144-fibre backbone cable was run 278 meters from the exchange to a new DJL (Distribution Joint Location). The development is serviced by four PDH (Private Distribution Hub) cabinets, to provide sufficient capacity. UCG worked collaboratively with the builders, to work around the architectural features of the towers and connect the premises as each floor was completed.

NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial MDUs

Telstra, Downer and Lendlease

  • 12,993 MDUs (design)
  • 5,152 MDUs (construct)
  • 39,247 end users (construct)

UCG provided design and construction services to Telstra, Downer and Lendlease as part of the MIMA HFC network rollout for NBN. UCG’s in house design team of over 40 designers delivered 12,993 designs for Telstra. Our technicians were responsible for construction of the cable pathways from the HFC network in the street to the end user PCDs. This included all civil construction, hauling of hard-line CX50 coaxial cable

NBN FTTP Bespoke Projects

  • 822 MDU installations
  • 13,223 end users

Our established processes and systems are purpose built for managing complex projects as well as high volume programs of work. Our bespoke proprietary software, siteTRAX, captures accurate, geo-tagged and time-stamped data in real-time while ensuring compliance with quality, health, safety and environmental requirements.

Salamanca Place, Hobart, TAS

The heritage listed precinct was deployed with fibre throughout while ensuring no infrastructure was visible and that retail activities were not adversely affected during the total project deployment. Underground cabling was very challenging, with each historic paver carefully lifted and numbered to ensure it was replaced without damage or impact to the heritage significance of the site. Upon completion in 2018, the Local and State members of Parliament from Tasmania and the CEO of NBN attended an opening event, celebrating the completion of the full fibre to the premise deployment for the Salamanca Place Precinct which was covered by ABC News.

University of Melbourne, VIC

The historic university’s sprawling campus of more than 100 buildings covered an area so large, the job had to be divided into four stages. UCG was required to produce bespoke designs that needed to meet the approval of not just NBN but individual building owners and managers. Furthermore, the various heritage issues required careful planning and lengthy discussions to determine acceptable NBN infrastructure locations. Upon completion in 2017, NBN congratulated UCG on its work, recognising the numerous challenges which had been faced and overcome.

Port of Townsville, QLD

The Port of Townsville has been the economic cornerstone of the North Queensland region. The project was undertaken over eight stages and involved all necessary design and civil works to lay the intra-port distribution/local fibre network and to connect and cable the various sites within the precinct. UCG had to engage with and manage all affected stakeholders on behalf of NBN, and conduct works within the confines of a busy working port.

Coffs Harbor Airport, NSW

In 2014 UCG designed and constructed a fibre-to-the-premise connection to the airport’s 31 individual buildings which included the main arrival and departure terminal, the air traffic control tower, aircraft hangers, offices and essential services. Connecting the facility to the NBN network required extensive civils works leading back to the Direct Joint Location.
Gaining access to the airport’s secure areas requires compliance with strict security protocols. UCG managers and contractors had to undergo rigorous police checks and inductions, and were granted appropriate security clearances.

NBN FTTC and HFC activations

  • 192 technicians onboarded
  • Over 400 tickets of work per day
  • 34,414 tickets of work completed

“The assistance provided by UCG helped nbn succeed in the face of an aggressive activation campaign, among other challenges, and I wanted to personally thank you for your efforts.”
Executive General Manager | NBN

UCG’s performance on the FTTC/HFC Activations Program in 2019 demonstrates our ability to ramp up and manage scale accordingly. Nationally, our technicians attended up to 400 appointments daily, scheduled to strict timeslots as well as achieving attendance and completion rates above 97% and 96% respectively. On completion of the contract, UCG had connected 34,414 end-user premises. At its conclusion, NBN’s senior management congratulated UCG for our ability to ramp up, deliver a program of high performance, and quality, as well as our commitment to the program.

This was a customer focused program where our technicians used logic and problem solving to connect end-users and to deliver a positive customer experience. During the program, UCG implemented a Customer Service Experience Program (CX) to deliver a total Customer Service Experience to their end customers. An example of this program was shared with the NBN Customer Experience Team, which resulted in the creation of the NBN Planned Service Experience.