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Land Access & Approvals

UCG’s specialised team has extensive experience in land access planning, management & process

Working With Us

Land Access is a niche, multi-faceted and challenging process requiring a dedicated team with high level attention to detail and a practical understanding of the ramifications that could arise should the structure not be strictly adhered to. UCG’s Land Access team has customer service backgrounds, stakeholder engagement qualifications and legislative experience.

UCG’s Land Access team has been exposed to extensive industry training and experience, including problem solving and solution-based processes. In recent years, the team have worked with a variety of clients and are adept at tailoring PLASE processes and deliverable capabilities.

The Land Access team also have vast experience in MDU and End User connections.

We offer:

  • A specialised team that notifies landowners and authorities of upcoming work;
  • Assessment of work and determination of any heritage or environmental constraints;
  • Development of management plans to minimise or eliminate environmental risk.