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Project Management

Experienced personnel committed to the highest quality of workmanship, safety and on-time delivery

Working With Us

UCG excels in project management. Our established Project Management Office (PMO) is staffed by experienced personnel committed to the highest quality of workmanship, safety and on time delivery. UCG’s project managers are highly qualified and have extensive experience in their fields of expertise.

Our project managers have an “integrator” approach which translates to managing the overall outcome and acting as an extension of our clients. Through open and honest communication, we will build relationships with all stakeholders and work together with our client’s project team to achieve the best outcomes for the project.

The PMO is equipped with leading project and work management systems. This creates efficiency through streamlined processes and flexibility to accommodate fluctuations in workload and scope. All data is recorded in the data warehouse tailored to support project data analytics requirements and provide our customers with bespoke solutions.

Contractor Management:
UCG provides dedicated technical resources and expertise to manage our clients’ work daily. We engage key contract installers and service fulfilment specialists across many areas of New Zealand. Central to our success is our delivery partner relationships based on one on one training, timely and accurate communication, sharing information on safe work practices and prompt payment processes.

  • Maintaining relationships;
  • Access to the regions;
  • Delivery partner model;
  • Local people and resources;
  • Ability to onboard new contractors rapidly.