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Ralf Luna and AmandoA number of UCG’s New Zealand management team recently attended Chorus’s annual “Service Person of the Year” (SPOTY) awards for the 2016 period.

It is an event where Chorus recognises the excellence of a number of front-line people across its four service companies (UCG, Visionstream, Broadspectrum and Downer). This was the first time UCG attended, and we were very well received by our peers and customer. UCG’s Consents Team were recognised by Chorus as the TEAM OF THE YEAR. We see this as an awesome recognition and our team as well-deserved inaugural winners of this award. Chorus’ Mark Mayerhofler, who works closely with UCG’s Consents Team, stated “…very well deserved recognition, we are all really proud of your achievement here.”

UCG nominated Cellwatch as our Delivery Partner team of the year for service excellence which was endorsed by Chorus and presented as part of their awards. Amando Tanquintic accepted the award on behalf of Cellwatch.

It is always great to celebrate excellence and success, and look forward to ensuring more celebration at next year’s awards.

For further information contact Paul Trotman on (NZ) 0800 961 223.